During the project, we had a continuous link with the Duna-Dráva National Park, and before the closure had a further meeting with the nature guard. During the third community meeting, the results that had been presented by the NAIK ERTI were also discussed. We shared our experiences concerning the protection of the environment, for instance the growing of the marsh seedbox stock at Lake Bükk. We also listed some tasks to be completed in the future and stated that we would put great emphasis on nature conservation aspects. 

The national park had no objections to the project.

In the second modification of contract we drew up the mapping of production area in those locations that are included in the project. This was included as a new action (D3 Action). The appointed water and soil experts started working on this new objective in August 2018.

Experts collected samples from the 73 newly opened soil profiles in the area. The laboratory testing of samples provided experts with the necessary information to model the pedologic and hydrologic conditions of the concerned approximately 2000 hectare of land. 

Using yield measurement detailed site mapping has been drawn up that support the long-term conservation and restoration of habitats. 


      Hydrologic testing at a groundwater monitoring well                                     Analysis of a soil profile


The third community meeting was organised on 14th November 2018, where the members of the press were also invited. During the event, we demonstrated the work we had completed as well as the effects of our activity in the area. Those who attended the event were informed on the necessity of the project, the work that had been completed, the botanical survey, the health inspections and what effect they have on the community.


Upon the start of the project, we provided local farmers with essential information such as the objectives and the planned task. In November 2018, we also briefed them on the completed tasks and results.

We included the chump-removing of the Lake Kűvölgy 4# in the second modification of contract that creates an opportunity to hold greater mass of water. Now the places of the chumps can hold enough water even at low water level that fish and amphibious species can survive and birds can find food.

The lowering of the lake was completed; chumps were removed and cleared away early in October. The intended goals can be achieved after filling the lake again. 

We are organising a community meeting and press conference 14th November 2018, before the closure of the project. The event is to be held at the Eco-Centre where we invite all who are interested.