Public welfare is of great importance in the operation of KASZÓ Zrt. As part of their frequent programmes open for the public, a tour was organised on 12th April 2014. The event was attended by 26 locals who gained information on the company and its forest management activities. Introduction of the conservation actions to be implemented in the course of project KASZÓ-LIFE was also made during the almost 8 km long walk.

The first on-site visit on the project area of KASZÓ-LIFE was implemented on 11th April 2014. The aim of the visit was to register the status of the conservation actions that will be carried out in the course of the project. The Expert of the External Monitoring Team supporting the European Commission in such tasks was accompanied by the partners of the project.


22nd March is considered the International Water Day the aim of which is to call the attention to the importance of water in our lives. KASZÓ organised and implemented several interesting programmes open for the public. The day was started by a presentation on the relations of water habitats and the quality of water. The presentation was followed by a guided tour around the water habitats in Kaszó whose restoration and rehabilitation is one of the main aims of the KASZÓ-LIFE project.

The Multifunctional Eco-touristic Visitor Centre in Kaszó was the venue of the second training of the personnel of KASZÓ Zrt. on 21st March 2014. The main focus of the training was the nature protection issues to be considered during the on-site works (i.e. elimination of invasives). The training was performed by the experts of NAIK-ERTI.

Our project was introduced in the TV magazine called Hazai Vadász (Home Hunter) presented by ECHO Television. The series was on air at 11:00 o’clock on 5th January 2014 and summarised the information gained in the press conference. Mr Mihály Szász, the deputy managing director of Kaszó was interviewed on the aims and objectives and expected results of the project. Some slides of the presentations at the press conference were also broadcasted. The link to the 5th January 2014 episode of Hazai Vadász is (from 5:15 to 8:42). 

The first press conference of project KASZÓ-LIFE was held on 4th December 2013 in Kaszó. Mr András Koltay, the expert of ERTI, emphasized in his presentation the invasive plant species endangering our forests and the nocuous insects appearing parallel with the invasives. Mr Mihály Szász, the deputy managing director of Kaszó, shared information on the concrete conservation actions of the project.Mr László Nagy of ERTI informed the participants on the monitoring andtions and their role in the project implementation. 

The video be on view in hungarian: