Inspectors came from Brussels to check on the implementation of the project. Rauma Paivi reviewed the financial accounts, László Bécsy examined the professional side, and in addition an external monitoring expert, Dr. Zsuzsanna Kocsis-Kupper, and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Dr. Ildikó Varga and Veronika Bokor participated in the event. The audit was greatly aided by the help of Lábodi Consulting Kft. In the morning we presented the progress in the form of a presentation, and in the afternoon we visited the project sites.

The implementation and administration of the project were also found to be good on the side of NAIK ERTI and KASZÓ Zrt.


We sent the progress report to the Committee and the external monitoring expert.

Brochures, flyers and maps about the project were printed, which will be given to visitors.

"Improvement of water habitats - KASZÓ-LIFE as a good practice" was the title of presentation on a Seminar of the National Forestry Association in Szombathely.

A Natura 2000 conference was organised by the LIFEinFORESTS project in Sopron, where KASZÓ ZRt was also represented. Beside gathering technical knowledge, we gained know-how on organising international conferences.

"Improvment of the water supply of gallery forest, swamps and grasslands - The KASZÓ-LIFE project" was the title of presentation in Forum Forest and Water in Ministry of Agriculture, Budapest.