A Natura 2000 conference was organised by the LIFEinFORESTS project in Sopron, where KASZÓ ZRt was also represented. Beside gathering technical knowledge, we gained know-how on organising international conferences.

"Improvment of the water supply of gallery forest, swamps and grasslands - The KASZÓ-LIFE project" was the title of presentation in Forum Forest and Water in Ministry of Agriculture, Budapest.

On 6 February 2017 the sluice was closed, the replenishing of Lake Kűvölgyi 4 started. The lake reached the desired level in 2 days.


We held a year opening meeting with the projectmanagement and NAIK ERTI in Kaszó, where the already performed tasks and future objectives were discussed. 

The subsequent article of "KASZÓ-LIFE" project by the "Magyar Fejlesztési Központ" can be viewed in the following link:



The third monitoring visit was taken place on 7th November 2016.

On purpose to view the progress of the project, Zsuzsanna Kocsis-Kopper has visited the Kaszó Forestry Stock Company.
The co-workers of the NAIK-ERTI and the KASZÓ Zrt., who are participated in the project have introduced the financial and the physical advancement, as well.


                        Monitoring place                                                                         Lake Kűvölgy #1 and #2                                                                   Bottom step