The removal of the old fence and the construction of the new one have been terminated.




The T-shirts with the logo of project are ready for the guided tours.

On 11th May we got the water law operation permission for the lakes of Kűvölgy and Bükki in hand.

On 28th April, within the frames of LIFEinFORESTS project a round-table discussion was taken place, in connection with the influence of the Natura 2000 network to the wooded property and the KASZÓ-LIFE project was being introduced as a part of it.


Between 19th and 21st of April we took part in an internation workshop in connection with the protection against of the invasive plants, organized by the Duna-Ipoly National Park and the WWF Hungary.

We made gift T-shirts for the guided tours that are going to be implemented in the future.

The selection of the contractor had been occured on 14th in April.