In frame of the LIFE project ’Falco vespertinus in the Pannonian Region’ the cattle was driven out on Saint George’s day. Both KASZÓ Zrt. and NAIK-ERTI were represented at the event, where the project was introduced. We also watched as the Hungarian Grey Cattle was driven out to the pasture and participated in the presentation of an educational trail.


Due to the droughty weather of the past few years many of the trees have dried out in the village. In order to replace them, KASZÓ Zrt. organised a tree planting action on 22nd April. The employees of the forestry planted more than 100 mostly forest trees in the area.  


We organised our ’Let’s protect the environment! Let’s gather rubbish!’ rubbish gathering event among the employees of KASZÓ Zrt on 27th March.

Similarly to other parts of the country, unfortunately the amount of rubbish is quite significant in the forests of KASZÓ Zrt. despite the continuous gathering actions. The employees tried to improve this situation and gathered a large amount of waste in the morning, which was transported from the area.