The team of Kaszó Forestry Co. received a first prize in the category of meals made of venison at the cooking competition of the 8th National Game Gastronomy Festival on 6th September 2014 in Soponya. They also won the Master of Wild Game Cooking Cup.

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On 30th August 2014 a young couple tied the knot at Lake Kűvölgyi. The picturesque scenery made the joyful event even more special.

We organized the 3rd Kaszó Beer Run on the Eastern part of Lake Baláta on 2nd August 2014. Each team consisted of 4 members and their task was to find the beer that had been hidden to different places, then drink the beer and return to Kaszó with the emply bottles and caps. For directions each team was given a map. Just like in the previous years, the event went well. Not only could the participants put their sense of direction to the test, but also as a reward for finding the hidden drinks, they could slake their thirst in the summer heat. Since their route was different from the hiking trail, they were able to see less visited places, such as Kis-Baláta.