We held an information meeting about the LIFE project for the hunters working for KASZÓ Zrt. The implementation of different actions and their effects are important in terms of the game stock, since they can also benefit from the project by the improvement of habitat conditions and assurance of safe water.

A trophy inspection was held on 10th October 2014 to exhibit 51 of the red stags that had been hunted in September. The biggest trophy weighted 13.6 kg which turned out to be the largest in Somogy County. Beside that there were 4 trophies on the display with each weighing more than 10 kg.


The Ecotourism Institution of the Year award ceremony was held on 26th September 2014. In the category of educational trails, the Dr Marián Miklós Promenade, which was built this spring in order to enable a closer look at Lake Baláta, received 3rd place.

The red deer rutting season started in mid-August. An event was organised on 13rd and 20th September 2014 starting late afternoon, where participants could take the narrow gauge train and listen to the deer rut. The lucky ones could even spot fighting and bellowing stags at Lake Baláta. The train, that was full both times, took the guests from the lake to other locations, then arriving back to Kaszó they enjoyed a nice game dinner at the restaurant.