A short video in German used to introduce the project on our first networking visit is available on the following link:



The first guided excursion took place on 28 July 2016. Staff from KASZÓ Zrt. and NAIK-ERTI led the approximately 60 visitors, divided into two groups, on the „Erdőkerülő tanösvény” built as a part of the the KASZÓ-LIFE project.








A technical evaluation, with focus on the the supression of invasive species, was held in cooperation with ZALAERDŐ Zrt. The work carried out at the Kűvölgyi lakes and forests affected with the supression were shown to those present.

By the 15th June 2016, the new Erdőkerülő educational trail has been terminated.

From the LIFE project the establishment of the Erdőkerülő educatoinal trail has been launched, the track, the information boards and the making of the benches are under way.